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Item Checklist
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The Complete EO Item list!

Peaseant Clothes- Goats
Thief Clothes- Spiders
Tuxido- Spiders
Ninja Dress- Spiders
Dragon armor- Foxes
Dark Protector- Foxes
Wooden Protector- Foxes
Gold/Silver Elf Bracelet- foxes
Gold/Silver Ring- Foxes
Bracers- Foxes
Any type of sandal- slime
Any type of boot- Slime
Any type of Crystal- Centaurs
Cloud Sword- Death
Dark katana- Death
Ancient Sword- Death
Blue/Red/Green Enchanted boots- Death
Light Katana- Penguins
School girl outfit- Cyclops
Hair Dyes- Cyclops, Chest in Stronghold house
Scrolls of any type- Barbarians
Forrest Staff- Penguins
Aura Staff- Penguins
Guardian Shield- Cyclops
Royal Robes- Chest in arena
Scroll of admin, Elder robes, reward scroll- admin only
Jewel Staff- Penguins
Mystic hat- Beatles
Blue enchanted hat- Beatles
Horned hat- beatles
ANY bandana- Beatles
Merchant hat- Beatles
ANY hood- Beatles
Fairy hat- Beatles
Hero plate- Spiders
Heavy BAttle armor- Spiders
Light battle armor- Spiders
Purple enchanted hat- Beatles
Samurai hat- Beatles
Casual Dress- Spiders
Red plate- Spiders
Indian robes- Spiders
Caveman robes- Spiders
Rogue Cloak- Spiders
Wizzard robes- Spiders
Monk pants- Spiders
Heavy Pants- Spiders
Frella Dress- Spiders
Round iron shield- foxes
gray dress- Spiders
"gothic dress"- spiders
Stellino- foxes
warrior plate- spiders
Gold armor- spiders
Peasant suit- goats
Swift armor- spiders
"purple dress"- spiders
gold- Birds, Death, rats, mummies
Royal Potion- rats
Dark potion- rats
Mana potion- rats
Red potion- rats
sweater- Spiders
train tickers- Foxes (Give to UncyDave)
Devil suit- N/A
Turtle costume- N/A
Panda Costume- N/A
Gloves- Foxes
Charms- Chest
Keys- Rats
Emerald Necklave- foxes
Skull Necklace- Foxes
Skull belt- Foxes
Leather Belt- Foxes
Sai- Mummies
Wooden ax- mummies
Battle Ax- mummies

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